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We support our clients’ environmental needs through a variety of skill sets, including planning, grant writing and administration, and consultation. ECICOG works with five watershed management authorities, delivers the Iowa Waste Exchange program, and serves as the solid waste planning area for our region.

Grant Writing & Administration

The ECICOG region is wealthy in natural resources, and our communities have a wide range of grant programs available to them. ECICOG has experience working with grants from funding sources including the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Economic Development Authority, and Environmental Protection Agency. Whether a community needs assistance demolishing a derelict building, improving their wastewater treatment plant, or upgrading a recycling center, ECICOG staff can help find and apply for funding.


  • Solid Waste Alternatives Program

  • Derelict Building Program

  • Environmental Management System

  • CDBG Water & Sewer Grants

  • Hazard Mitigation Assistance

  • Conservation & Water Quality grants

  • Solid Waste & Recycling grants

Technical Assistance

ECICOG’s environmental staff bring decades of experience to the table. We can assist with disaster preparedness, solid waste management and education, or implementing conservation best practices.


  • Hazard mitigation planning

  • Solid Waste & Recycling Education and Programing

  • Landfill Environmental Management Systems

  • Iowa Waste Exchange

  • Watershed Management Authority and watershed planning

Iowa Waste Exchange

The Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) is a free, confidential, and non-regulatory waste consultation service for businesses and organizations. Services include waste consultation, audits, grant application assistance, and online database. The program is offered statewide by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Do you have run down buildings that need to come down?

Does your city need help with a recycling or composting program?

Does your city struggle with flooding or other hazards you want to address?


Josh Ventling Profile

Josh Ventling

Planner/IWE Resource Specialist Region 4

Meagan Prestegard August 2023

Meagan Prestegard

Planner/Environmental Specialist

Alicia Presto Profile

Alicia Presto
​Planner/IWE Resource Specialist Area 4

Jody Bailey Profile

Jody Bailey

Planner/Environmental Specialist

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