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Our region is home to a half million residents and covers 4,400 square miles in Eastern Iowa, including the six counties of Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington.

The region is linked by primary arteries to the nearby (less than 300 miles) metros of Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Omaha, and St. Louis. Access to markets is provided by the highway system and an extensive system of secondary roads, as well as by six freight rail carriers, one commercial airport, and eight additional airports with varied federal classifications.

The region is characterized by two urban areas with numerous small towns and rural countryside. In addition to the six counties, the region includes 72 municipalities and 30 public school districts. The region’s largest municipalities are Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, located in central Linn County and Johnson County, respectively.

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Envision East Central Iowa is the comprehensive economic development strategy for Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties. See how action teams are moving the plan forward.

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