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Anamosa to Start Second Phase of Downtown Revitalization

The City of Anamosa will receive a $650,000 CDBG-Downtown Revitalization award for the second phase of their storefront remodeling project, which will impact 13 addresses. This grant will build on the success of the first wave of storefront projects, which remodeled the façades of 10 downtown buildings that had been neglected and altered through the years, eroding the character of the business district. Combined, the two grants provide $1.15 million in CDBG funding, which was matched with city contributions. ECICOG wrote both grants and will serve as grant administrator.

Reimagining Iowa’s built environment through rehabilitation and adaptive use is one of the seven pillars of the Envision East Central Iowa (EEIC) economic development plan, which was led by ECICOG and released last year. For more information on downtown revitalization grants, contact Community Development Specialist Tom Gruis at (Google Street View image)


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