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Comprehensive Planning

ECICOG, in partnership with the City of Vinton, provided coordination, planning and facilitation support and identified city-wide recommendations and strategies.

​Efforts focused on important opportunities to advance Vinton’s growth through the year 2030. These efforts included a community visioning process; the development of strategies addressing business development and infrastructure; and a discussion of future housing and land use issues and needs.

In addition, the Comprehensive Smart Plan utilizes the State of Iowa Smart Planning legislation. The legislation, adopted by the State in 2010, established 10 Smart Planning principles and 13 smart planning elements which helped guide Vinton’s planning process. A listing of where each smart planning principle and element are located in the plan can be found in the plan’s appendix.

ECICOG worked with the Vinton Planning Committee and many citizens of the community to add pertinent and meaningful input which represents the needs and desires of the people in and around the City.

The planning and analysis ECICOG provided helped us see what Vinton could look like in the next 20 years, and helped us to make a plan that included input from us and our citizens. Seeing the maps and the growth is exciting! - Cindy Michael, City of Vinton


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