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ECICOG to Conduct Linn County Housing Study

ECICOG recently finalized a contract with Linn County to perform a study on the state of housing in Linn County. The project will provide an overview of dwellings in unincorporated areas and in cities and towns outside of Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Marion. One goal is to identify gaps in the current supply of housing in those areas. The contract also includes an equity analysis of housing within the metro area of Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Marion.

The study will seek to provide reliable data about Linn County’s current housing conditions, replacing current knowledge based on assumptions, anecdotal evidence and outdated information. This data will enable a comparison of Linn County communities and identify existing challenges along with possible solutions. The housing equity analysis will also examine systemic inequalities in the county’s available housing options and resulting outcomes.

Contact Housing Director Tracey Achenbach at for more information on housing studies and assessments.


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