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Funding Improvement in Benton County

A joint project between ECICOG and Benton County to construct a new bus storage and administrative building in Vinton is progressing. In 2019 ECICOG partnered with Benton County to secure $318,000 from the Iowa Public Transit Infrastructure Grant (PTIG) in order to construct a new building to house Benton County Transportation operations and replace their aging facility in Downton Vinton, which is in the Cedar River floodplain and had been inundated with floodwaters twice in the past 12 years.

The new building is 9,600 square feet and will allow Benton County transportation to store nearly all of their CorridorRides buses indoors. The facility will also include office space, a wash bay, space for light maintenance, and is located on property owned by Benton County near downtown Vinton. The building is being constructed by local contractors, and when complete will be owned by ECICOG for 30 years as a condition of the PTIG grant, but will be leased to Benton County for the entire 30 year lifespan to be used exclusively for public transit.


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