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Waste Becomes PPE

Did you know that ECICOG supports the Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE)? The IWE matches businesses with excess waste to individuals or organizations with who are seeking those materials in order to reduce waste in our landfills. Read about a recent match with Iowa City's Fab Lab that helped them to produce personal protective gear for area nursing homes, medical offices and ambulance services. Contact Alicia Presto for more information about the Iowa Waste Exchange. ​

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Iowa City Fab Lab’s director, Kirk Cheyney, recognized the impending shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff as something companies and organizations would need to address locally. With the knowledge and equipment necessary, Cheyney decided the Fab Lab would design and produce face shields to supply local medical workers.

ECICOG's Iowa Waste Exchange resource specialist, Alicia Presto, assisted Fab Lab to meet the initial challenge of sourcing the materials needed to produce the shields.

Completed masks have been donated to the Johnson County Ambulance Service, Department of Corrections Division 6, Iowa City Hospice, fifteen long-term care facilities, and dentist offices. The Fab Lab plans to produce a total of 4,000 shields and donate them to facilities and medical workers, as needed.


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