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$3.3 Million Awarded for Trees and Generators as Part of Derecho Recovery

All of ECICOG’s CDBG-Disaster Recovery (DR) grant applications for trees and generators were awarded as part of the special funds allocated for derecho recovery. $1.1 million in new generators will go to the cities of Alburnett, Belle Plaine, Central City, Ely (2), Hiawatha (3) Hiawatha, Marion, Mt. Vernon, Norway and the Linn County 3rd Fire District. Benton County, Linn County, Marion, Hiawatha and Belle Plaine will receive a total of $2.2 million for tree canopy recovery.

Helping communities access federal disaster response funds is an important role for ECICOG. When housing grants are included, ECICOG helped place over $18 million in CDBG-DR funds during the last year.


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