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ECICOG Local Government Recharge Event Set for May 16

ECICOG will be hosting a local government gathering on Thursday, May 16 from 9am-3:45pm at Fireside Winery Marengo. The recharge event is geared toward small city

administrators, city clerks, and elected officials in the ECICOG region looking to learn from their peers and other local government experts. This year’s theme “The Power of 10” will provide a host of adoptable ideas in a fast-paced format around the topics of housing, community promotion, time management, and funding.

“The Power of 10”, presentation topics include:

*10 Financial Considerations that Changed as a Result of HF718 and Tips for Budgeting in the Future

*10 Grant Funding Sources to Consider in an Era of Shrinking Budgets

*10 Transformative Ideas that Could Change Your Community

*10 Ideas to Address Housing and Grow Your Community

*10 Ways to Promote Your Community

*10 Ways to Manage Your Time Better and Take Back Your Life

We will take advantage of Fireside’s beautiful facilities with small group discussions over wine to wrap up the day.



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