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Coalition Establishes Middle Iowa Watershed Authority

In June, stakeholders from the middle section of the Iowa River Watershed formed the Middle Iowa Watershed Management Authority (MIWMA), a cooperative agreement among local governments to address watershed issues. There are 10 counties, 33 cities, and 10 soil and water conservation districts eligible to join the MIWMA. The MIWMA is a completely voluntary organization with no authority over any jurisdiction.

The Middle Iowa River has several unique stakeholders that will play an important role despite not fitting into the eligible member definition. The Meskwaki Nation - Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa, Amana Society Farms & Forestry, and Friends of Coralville Lake, among others, will be part of the organization and future watershed management planning. ECICOG Environmental Services Director Jennifer Fencl assisted the group by coordinating communications, presenting information to possible members, and organizing the execution of the agreement. The next steps are to add members, seek funding for a watershed management plan, and apply for conservation project funding. For more information, contact Environmental Services Director Jennifer Fencl.


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