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Deadline Approaching for Intent to Qualify for Broadband Intervention Zone

The application for the Intent to Qualify (ITQ) for designation of a Broadband Intervention Zone through the Iowa Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) opened on March 1 and closes March 31.

Only cities, counties, and other eligible entities may apply to qualify for designation of a Broadband Intervention Zone. Broadband providers will be able to apply for State broadband grant funds only in these designated Intervention Zones. If no eligible entities (counties, cities, school districts, etc.) respond to the ITQ for a geographic area, it will not be designated as an Intervention Zone or prioritized for grant-supported broadband projects. An application does not guarantee intervention-zone designation.

Information about the ITQ and application instructions can be found on OCIO's website by clicking here. The page also contains the geographic selection tool, which shows eligible addresses for nomination as an Intervention Zone. Contact Transportation Director Mary Rump at, for more information about the ITQ application process.


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