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Four Ideas for 2024

ECICOG has a lot of tools that could add value to your community! Take a moment to consider to the following:


  1. City Councils are most effective when members share a common game plan. ECICOG staff can help facilitate council goal setting sessions to help bring everyone on the same page. Contact Executive Director Karen Kurt for more information.

  2. Does your community suffer from dilapidated rental properties? ECICOG is ready to launch a rental inspection program, following in the footsteps of our highly successful nuisance enforcement program. We just need a partner to serve as the pilot city! Watch the webinar or contact Housing Specialist Mark Culver for more information.

  3. Does your community need professional planning services but you aren’t ready to add additional staff? Consider contracting with EICOG to serve as your city planning department. ECICOG staff can review code compliance, write staff reports, update ordinances and provide technical expertise – allowing your City Administrator or Clerk to focus on other priorities. Contact Community Development Specialist Tom Gruis to explore further.

  4. Lastly, do you have public facilities in need of energy efficiency improvements (assessments, weatherization, equipment upgrades, replacement of traffic signals/street lamps, solar etc…)? ECICOG is building an inventory of needs for existing/anticipated grant opportunities that may assist with these activities at little to no cost. Contact Environmental Director Jennifer Fencl to share your project ideas.


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