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Iowa Thriving Communities Designation Applications Due July 17th

The Iowa Finance Authority and the Iowa

Economic Development Authority have

announced the 2nd annual Iowa Thriving

Communities designation. A designation as

an Iowa Thriving Community will provide

communities that are leveraging innovative

methods to attract housing opportunities

for their workforce a chance to be

recognized for their efforts. A limited

number of communities will be awarded the

designation, which comes with highly

sought after and lucrative scoring points for the Federal Housing Tax Credit and/or

Iowa Workforce Housing Tax Credit programs.

The scoring points will be available through the end of the calendar year following

the community’s designation as an Iowa Thriving Community. All communities are

eligible to apply for Iowa Thriving Community designations, and both rural and

urban cities are encouraged to apply! The application period opened February 8th

and applications are due May 15.

Find more details about the program at their website or contact Housing Director


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