RPA 10

ECICOG also serves as the Regional Planning Affiliation serving Benton, Cedar, Jones, Linn, Iowa, and Washington Counties outside of the Corridor MPO and the MPO of Johnson County.

Region 10 Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA) was established in 1995. Iowa DOT established RPAs as an effort to provide for local government participation in the planning process. ECICOG serves as staff for RPA 10, which includes ECICOG’s traditional member counties and Cedar County. On behalf of RPA 10, the role of ECICOG is to staff transportation committee meetings; coordinate transportation planning activities for the region; prepare plans and studies, including a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP); support the application and programming process for projects that use federal transportation funds; and assist cities and counties with grant applications.

Pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 and other nondiscrimination authorities, it is the policy of the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) that discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or income status shall not occur in connection with any of its programs or activities.

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RPA 10 is governed by a Policy Committee consisting of 14 officials from member jurisdictions. The Policy Committee is responsible for establishing overall policy, making transportation planning-related decisions, prioritizing programming, and monitoring regional transportation conditions. Policy Committee representatives are appointed by the affiliated county boards of supervisors. The Policy Committee has established three advisory committees to assist in the planning process – the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC), the Regional Trails Advisory Committee (RTAC), and the Passenger Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC). Committee members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors from each affiliated county.

Committee Members

Policy Committee

Transportation Technical

Advisory Committee (TTAC)

Regional Trails Advisory Committee (RTAC)

Passenger Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC)

Tracey Seeman - Benton County

Mitch McDonough - Benton County

Brad Gaul - Cedar County

Rob Fangmann - Cedar County

Kevin Heitshusen - Iowa County

Vicki Pope - Iowa County

Tom Brase - Johnson County

Rod Sullivan - Johnson County

Jon Zirkelbach - Jones County

Brian Wolken - Jones County

Darrin Gage - Linn County

VACANT - Linn County

Bob Yoder - Washington County

Brent Hinson - Washington County

Myron Parizek - Benton County

Ben Vierling - Benton County

Rick Erickson - Benton County

Brian Meinsma - Cedar County

Rob Fangmann - Cedar County

Steve Nash - Cedar County

Kevin Heitshusen - Iowa County

Nick Amelon - Iowa County

Matt Amelon - Iowa County

Greg Parker - Johnson County

Rod Sullivan - Johnson County

Rob Winstead - Johnson County

Derek Snead - Jones County

Todd Postel - Jones County

Brenda Leonard - Jones County

Jon Resler - Linn County

Brad Ketels - Linn County

Randy Burke - Linn County

Jacob Thorius - Washington County

Jeremy McLaughin - Washington County

Dennis Murray - Washington County

Randy Scheel - Benton County

Mark Pigenot - Benton County

Mike Dauber - Cedar County

Rob Fangmann - Cedar County

Nick Amelon - Iowa County

Matt Amelon - Iowa County

Brad Freidhof - Johnson County

Becky Soglin - Johnson County

Brad Mormann - Jones County

Lisa McQuillen - Jones County

Randy Burke - Linn County

Ryan Schlager - Linn County

Zach Rozmus - Washington County

Mike Driscoll - Washington County

Dana Burmeister - Benton County

Terri Andorf - Benton County

Jon Bell - Cedar County

Julie Tischuk - Cedar County

Becky Fry - Iowa County

Marilyn Austin - Iowa County

Tom Brase - Johnson County

Kelly Schneider - Johnson County

Jamie Ginter - Jones County

Lucia Herman - Jones County

tom Hardecopf - Linn County

Terry Bergen - Linn County

Cris Gaughan - Washington County

Bobbi Wolf - Washington County

  • Ex-Officio: Catherine Cutler, IDOT District 6 Office

  • Darla Hugaboom, FHWA

  • Daniel Nguyễn, FTA