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Leveraging State & Local Resources


Planning for the Future


Promoting Regional Collaboration


Sharing Technical Skills

The East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG) is an intergovernmental council established in 1973 under Chapter 28E and provided for under Chapter 28H of the Code of Iowa.


Our mission is to help build vibrant, forward-thinking communities and a collaborative and resilient region. ECICOG’s skilled staff has been providing innovative services across our region for nearly 50 years by leveraging state and local resources, promoting regional collaboration, planning for the future, and sharing technical skills.


ECICOG is a not-for--profit organization. While a portion of our operations are supported by a per capita assessment paid by each of our counties, the majority of our funding comes from direct grants, grant administration fees and technical service fees.



ECICOG serves Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington Counties and provides transportation services in Cedar County and solid waste services in Tama County.



Jon Zirkelbach
Jones County Supervisor

Chris Nosbisch

Mount Vernon City Administrator

Eldy Miller
Ely City administrator

Kirsten Running-Marquardt
Linn County Supervisor


Bruce Visser
Mayor of Atkins

Sean Murphy

Oxford City Council

Kevin Heitshusen
Iowa County Supervisor

Tracy Seeman
Benton County Supervisor

Eric Van Kerckhove

Mayor of Palo

David Connolly
Linn County Citizen

Tony Hocamp
Iowa County Citizen

Jeremiah Hoyt
Jones County Administrator

Allison Wells
Johnson County Citizen

Mary Audia
Washington County Citizen


Derek Lumsden
Jones County Citizen

Kate Robertson
Benton County Citizen

Chris Hoffman

Mayor of North Liberty

Chris Montross
Iowa County Supervisor

Jon Green
Johnson County Supervisor

Bob Yoder
Washington County Supervisor

Deanna McCusker

City Administrator, City of Washington



If you're interested in joining our team, visit the Employment page to view current openings.




  • 2024
    Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: January 26 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: February 29 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: March 28
  • 2023
    Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: December 7 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: October 26 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: September 28 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: August 31 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: July 27 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: June 29 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: May 25 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: April 27 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: March 30 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: February 23 Board Meeting Agenda and Prior Month Minutes: January 26
  • 2022
    Board Meeting Minutes: December 1 Board Meeting Minutes: October 27 Board Meeting Minutes: September 29 Board Meeting Minutes: August 25 Board Meeting Minutes: July 28 Board Meeting Minutes: June 30 Board Meeting Minutes: May 26 Board Meeting Minutes: April 28 Board Meeting Minutes: March 31 Board Meeting Minutes: February 24 Board Meeting Minutes: January 27
  • 2021
    Board Meeting Minutes: December 2 Board Meeting Minutes: October 28 Board Meeting Minutes: September 30 Board Meeting Minutes: August 26 Executive Committee: July 29 Board Meeting Minutes: June 24 Board Meeting Minutes: May 27 Board Meeting Minutes: April 29 Board Meeting Minutes: March 25 Board Meeting Minutes: February 25 Board Meeting Minutes: January 28
  • 2020
    Executive Committee: December 29 Board Meeting Minutes: December 3 Board Meeting Minutes: October 29 Board Meeting Minutes: September 24 Board Meeting Minutes: August 27 Board Meeting Minutes: July 30 Board Meeting Minutes: June 25




ECICOG looks for opportunities to connect our programs with people who might be interested in participating. One way we do that is by conducting webinars to discuss programs with high potential for leveraging grant awards and promoting development in our region.

Commute Lunch and Learn.JPG

CorridorRides VanPool

Lunch and Learn

CorridorRides VanPool connects commuters with transportation. Watch the recording.

2023 Rental Inspection Program 

ECICOG is offering a new rental inspection program which debuts in early 2024. The inspections would help to ensure rental housing is safe for occupants and meets state and city codes. Watch the webinar recording.

Innovation Lab webinar link.jpg
H4I for webinar links.jpg

The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab network is helping communities to convert unused spaces into entrepreneurial hubs. Watch the webinar recording.

Homes for Iowa

Homes for Iowa uses Iowa Prison Industries to produce moderately priced homes and transports them. Watch the webinar recording.

HP webinar.jpg

Hometown Pride

The Hometown Pride program provides a community coach to assist participating towns to build on their unique strengths. Watch the webinar recording.

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